22 April 2010

Obligatory EARTH DAY post

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, a testament to the enduring power of grassroots environmental advocacy!  In honor of this occasion, please join Heart of America Northwest's grassroots efforts to prevent Hanford from becoming a national radioactive waste dump & protect future generations from nuclear waste.  Take action today with the future in mind.

TAKE ACTION: Comment on the Hanford "Cleanup" Plan
Many of you attended public hearings and submitted comments on the Department of Energy's plan to import 3 million cubic feet of radioactive & mixed waste to Hanford - buried in its 6,000 page Environmental Impact Statement on Hanford cleanup!  If you haven't spoken out yet, the comment period now ends on May 3, 2010, so you still have time!

It's easy to give a public comment!  Heart of America Northwest has complied resources to help you comment, including our Citizens' Guide, and you can email your comments right now to TC&WMEIS@saic.com

TAKE ACTION: Urge your Senators to keep nuclear out of the Climate Bill
Next week, the Senate Climate Bill is set to be unveiled, and a vote is expected on it sometime this summer.  Now is the time to contact your Senators and urge them to not support the billions in subsidies for nuclear power expected to be included in the bill.  Nuclear Information and Resource Service has provided an easy format for contacting your Senator - take action right now!

A special note for our friends in Washington State: Senators Murray & Cantwell are on the top tier target list for this special effort.  If any state's Senators should lead the fight against nuclear power and reprocessing, it's ours, based on the lessons to be learned from Hanford. Please take a minute today to contact Senator Murray & Senator Cantwell.

Oregonians can thank Senators Wyden & Merkley for opposing nuclear subsidies and reprocessing.

Environmental activism has changed dramatically over the last four decades; now a lot of organizing efforts are done simply by sitting at a computer.  So, after you send a few emails today, go outside and remember what it's all about.

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