10 January 2011

The Next Generation brings you Hanford Awareness on YouTube


Students capture the knowledge of Hanford and bring awareness to the history, current clean-up, and effects on environment and health through the use of this short video. I am impressed by its creativity in telling the story and facts of Hanford while inviting the diverse stakeholders in the Seattle area to talk about their concerns. It's critical that more innovative avenues be used to tell the story of Hanford, especially in the digital age, through visual and video means. Thanks to the hard work of these UW students in putting this video together!

Also a few links to YouTube channels featuring Hanford:
- Posted by Shannon Smith, HOANW Volunteer Coordinator and Field Organizer

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  1. Shannon, you've done a great job with the blog these last few months! New media is so important for Hanford - youtube included!