07 July 2009

Secretaries Chu and Locke to Travel to China Next Week

WASHINGTON -- Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke will travel to China from July 14 to 17. The two secretaries will highlight the tremendous potential for mutually beneficial relationships in the clean energy sector.

“Clean energy will drive the economy of the future, both in the United States and around the world,” Chu said. “From renewable energy to more efficient buildings to carbon capture and storage, clean energy technologies can create millions of jobs. Working together, we can accomplish more than acting alone. It’s in our interest and China’s to explore ways to cooperate for our mutual benefit -- by promoting renewable energy, encouraging energy efficiency and cutting pollution.”

Most of the events will be in Beijing, but additional travel is scheduled outside the capital city. The Secretaries will each depart the U.S. on Monday, July 13th and arrive on Tuesday, July 14.

"Today, we are more interdependent with China than at any point in the last 30 years," Locke said. "The relationship between our two countries is of critical importance, and while great progress has been made in our cooperation on economic, trade and global terrorism fronts, there's much more to do.

“That's especially true in the clean energy sector. As China confronts climate change, there will be opportunities for American green technology companies to fill a critical need, creating jobs here and helping to curb pollution in China – a win-win for both counties."

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