22 July 2009

US Nuclear SIte Open for Tourists


Atomic Ale? NO way!...what about Half-life Hefe or Plutonium Porter?

This article contains a lot of really great video clips about the Hanford site from all different views: inside the B-reactor, boat tour with our good friends at Columbia Riverkeeper, and aerial shots as well.

BBC did a great job of covering the history and current struggles from viewpoints of the locals and other stakeholders - even a Hanford local atomic themed bar!

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  1. The local support for Hanford reminds me of my research on the logging of old growth forests on the Olympic Peninsula. When entire communities are built around a certain industry (logging, plutonium production, etc), it can be really difficult to even talk to people about making changes because up to that point, their lives and jobs have depended on that industry. You have to strike a balance- get your point across but also be receptive to the legitimate concerns of the locals. At least it sounds like we might be able to rally some local support for banning shipment of mercury waste to Hanford...