11 August 2009


After 3 years USDOE, WA Dept. of Ecology, EPA, WA & OR Governor's AND Steven Chu (Energy Secretary) reached an agreement on the TPA milestones!!

Heart of America is celebrating that in the agreement it said Hanford WILL NOT be receiving offsite waste until the Waste Treatment Facility is ready - this is a major "Clean-up First" victory. We congratulate the Governor's of WA and OR for reaching an agreement - that USDOE promises not to add waste while there isn't even a vit plant operating.

We (HOANW) will be working to make sure this plan is enforceable and not just a promise. We are concerned that the schedule for clean-up is not nearly as fast as we believe it could be, given the threat that High-Level nuclear waste tanks will continue to leak between now and 2040. But we are excited for what victories there have been today!

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  1. Finally, the TPA has agreed to "clean up first." However, we have to make sure that this a judicially enforceable agreement and not just rhetoric.