10 August 2009

Energy secretary to visit Hanford, PNNL


The Energy Secretary will be taking his first ever tour through the Pacific Northwest National Labs this week. He will also take time to address the Administration's plan for addressing climate change. The Energy Secretary should also face tough questions about USDOE plans to use Hanford as National Radioactive waste dump.

Can the most contaminated area in the Western Hemisphere be cleaned up if the Energy Department proceeds with proposals to dump more waste, without knowing what wastes are in the soil and groundwater flowing to the Columbia River?


  1. It is good to see that Secretary Chu will be visitng Hanford. Hopefully this trip will allow him to begin to understand the magnitude of the contamination at Hanford. Maybe something productive will come from this trip.

  2. http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/GovRitter/GOVR/1248577517462

    In this article/letter from the Governor of Colorado he writes Energy Sec. Steven Chu opposing adding waste to Colorado. Let's get on board with this WA State and do the same!