08 February 2010

A Tour Inside Hanford's Tank Farms

King5 News' environmental reporter, Gary Chittim, had two spots on Hanford that aired on Friday, February 5th.  The first, a discussion of stimulus dollars at Hanford (the single largest recipient of stimulus funds in the nation), and the second, an interesting look inside Hanford's tank farms.  Go to -3:38 to watch the clip on Hanford:

Chittim calls the tank farms "a radioactive slow seep into the Columbia River," and reminds the public of the fact that the Department of Energy doesn't have plans to finish emptying the leaky, Single Shell High-Level Nuclear Waste tanks until 30 years from now. 


  1. How can "We the People" allow our government representatives / employees tell us that NO, we aren't going to fix the seeping tanks for another 30 years. These employees will be gone in 30 years - so what do they care? Who is going to care about our future? I do! Clean it up NOW!

  2. I care about the future of the Pacific Northwest, too! Hopefully you can make it out to one of the public hearings in the next six weeks to say exactly what you just said to the DOE officials.

  3. I care as well. It is important that we stand up to the government's abuse of this site. I hope more people who care will be present at the hearings to voice their opinions and fight against the DOE's use of the site.