17 February 2010

Update on Hanford Beryllium Program

On Tuesday, February 16th, members of the Hanford Advisory Board, workers with Chronic Beryllium Disease and Hanford officials met with top U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) officials to discuss the status of Hanford's beryllium protection program.   Beryllium is an metal that was historically used at Hanford, and when current workers inhale beryllium dust, they are put at risk for developing an incurable & fatal lung disease.  At least 32 Hanford workers have been diagnosed with Chronic Beryllium Disease to date.

The top DOE officials yesterday said that they will follow all of the Hanford Advisory Board's advice (pdf) to the letter - to formulate a well-credentialed independent review panel of the program.  Heart of America Northwest hopes that the panel is balanced and that changes to the program are quickly implemented to protect Hanford's workforce.  It is absolutely unacceptable that the rates of Chronic Beryllium Disease among Hanford's workers are increasing by 10% annually.

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