06 March 2010

Hanford Follies - Graphic Recording

The Hanford Follies workshop this morning was a smashing success! We laughed & got serious as we talked about Hanford and the Environmental Impact Statement, and we are fired up and ready to go for the Seattle public hearing on Monday! The image above is the workshop - graphically recorded - by Anne Jess. Thanks to everyone who came out!

And, don't forget, the Seattle public hearing is on Monday night (March 8th)
Seattle Center - Northwest Rooms
6pm: pre-hearing workshop & open house
7pm: hearing & public comment

We'll have Anne's graphic recording work at the hearing, too! Join us to stand up for a safe & clean Pacific Northwest and oppose Hanford becoming a national radioactive waste dump.

Help us spread the word - email your friends, call 5 people, promote the hearing on facebook...whatever works for you!


  1. This week USDOE decided to extend the comment period another 45 days. Just heard this.

  2. Molly - where did you hear this? I just tried looking up any announcements, etc. and can't find anything about it.

    Just in case, I'd recommend that you submit your comments by the 19th!

  3. It's true! DOE is going to announce in the Federal Register on Friday, 3/19 that the comment period is extended 45 days (to May 3rd!). Perhaps DOE is changing its preferred alternative to make Hanford a national radioactive waste dump!