17 March 2010


On Friday, March 19th (the original end date of the public comment period on the Tank Closure & Waste Management Environmental Impact Statement) the Department of Energy is going to announce in the Federal Register that it is extending the comment period 45 days, until May 3, 2010!

This has incited much speculation around the Heart of America Northwest offices as to why USDOE is extending the comment period.  Perhaps, just maybe, USDOE is changing its preferred alternative to make Hanford a national radioactive waste dump!  Obviously, this is just speculation, but stay tuned & keep those comments coming!

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  1. We received several requests to extend the comment period. Comments are welcome, and for more information on the EIS, there's a DOE web page dedicted to the issue on the Hanford website: http://ow.ly/1nB6y

    Geoff Tyree
    Department of Energy, Richland Operations Office

  2. Thanks, Geoff. Who requested extensions? We've got tons of information about the EIS on this blog & our website, too.