13 October 2009

Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize!

Congratulations to President Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. His efforts to unite the world and push for global peace are inherent in his vision for a nuclear-free world. We also sense that the Obama administration is slightly more aware of nuclear waste issues than past administrations, and hope that this aspect of weapons production is not forgotten.

Friday's article in Wired magazine scrutinizes Obama's push for a nuclear-free world. Unfortunately, to date, the "talk" and "proposals" have been promising, but we have yet to see hard, enforceable results. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that the public remind the administration that we need to see results. Winning the Nobel Peace Prize brings these non-proliferation issues into the spotlight, and need to make sure that the lights do not go down until more progress has been made towards a truly nuclear-free world.

Jonathan Hiskes, across town at Grist.org, presents a few thoughts on what Obama's Peace Prize might mean for environmentalists. "There's a connection between peace and living within ecological means," he writes. We think so too, especially when it comes to disarmament, because nuclear weapons are far from natural. The history of weapons production at Hanford, for example, created the largest environmental clean-up project in history!

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