19 October 2009

Radioactive Rabbit Poop Video

On the radioactive salts: "Jackrabbits routinely burrowed into those sites. They found the salt, liked it, and licked it. Later, they pooped it, leaving slightly radioactive scat all over the ground." (The Seattle PI).

Watch Rachel Maddow's hilarious MSNBC segment:

Oh, and read this funny Greenpeace blogpost on the topic! The Tale of Peter Radwaste.


  1. I’m sure that early Hanford workers couldn’t imagine the ramifications of their atomic irresponsibility in the 50s, and I’m REALLY sure they didn’t anticipate radioactive poo! This is hilarious with a side of ominous. What other ridiculous nuclear threat is awaiting us 24,000 years down the road? Will our children’s children’s children be stung by radioactive bees, rendering them super heroes? Joking, but in reality there are so many health threats surrounding Hanford that we cant even begin to anticipate. It’s sobering to think that innumerable generations will have to respond to threats that, as of right now, we couldn’t begin to imagine existing.
    Another thought; the government will pay to have a doody-copter fly around hunting animal droppings, but they wont pay to for double-shell waste disposal tanks? I think I would rather run into some radioactive bunny scat than a giant unlined pit of leaky atomic waste containers. But I guess that’s just me…

  2. ajrobson, I agree. It's incredible to realize the far-reaching impacts of the High-level nuclear waste at Hanford -- into every facet of the ecosystem.

  3. Who would've thought that radioactive waste would be found in literal animal waste! This is a pretty interesting issue though, because it's very likely that the bunnies have high levels of radioactive material in their systems. And if the rabbits are being affected by the nuclear waste, other species are probably also being affected, such as gophers or moles (and other ground dwelling creatures).

  4. or radioactive mosquitoes biting you..scary thought!!