05 October 2009

The Kerry-Boxer Bill and Nuclear Power

Environmental and political blogs are a buzz with news and analysis of the Climate Bill recently introduced in the Senate. You may have seen mentions of the "climate bill", or the "Kerry-Boxer bill", or the "Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act".

Perhaps the greatest environmental and political challenge before our legislators today is to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Kerry-Boxer bill does have nuclear provisions, although not as many as many Republicans preferred. For example, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), advocates for funding to build up to 100 new nuclear power reactors. Energy Secretary Steven Chu currently suggests only 4 or 5 new reactors.

We challenge our legislators even further to consider thoughtfully how to achieve the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions without relying on nuclear power. We need to remind ourselves that nuclear power is not cheap, neither is it "clean energy."

Click here to contact your Senator today and urge him or her to vote for truly clean energy that will protect the environment and public health.

addition (10/6/09)

Grist magazine is trying to find out where senators stand on the Kerry-Boxer bill. Help them out; and let us know, too!

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