14 September 2009

Agencies concerned about mercury storage at Hanford

Many of you participated in the Mercury EIS public meetings and submitted comments one short month ago. This EIS was about shipping more waste to Hanford, this time mercury wastes.

Read this article about the agencies concerns with receiving mercury and more waste at Hanford - we and the agencies agree on something - "Making Hanford the nation's storage site for tons of excess mercury could interfere with environmental cleanup of the site, according to government agencies."


  1. It is unbelievable that the Department of Energy would even consider sending more waste to what is already the biggest environmental clean up job in the country. The focus at Hanford needs to be cleaning up the existing radioactive mess which threatens the Columbia River. Adding to the problem with decades more waste shipments simply makes no sense.

  2. Seriously. Why bring more waste to Hanford? I would see that comission as a sign of giving up on cleanup, which we cannot do.