17 September 2009

Hanford Budget Update

There's good news and bad news proceeding from the FY 2011 budget request for Hanford. The good news is that, combined with the federal stimulus dollars, the proposed budget will "allow all legally binding deadlines in the Tri-Party Agreement except one to be met in fiscal 2011."

The bad news revolved around that one deadline that will not be met. We're sorry to see that the one deadline that is to be left behind (again) is to retrieve waste from leaky underground tanks! This is one of the most serious environmental risks at Hanford, and we believe it should be addressed sooner, rather than later. Read the short article in the Tri-City Herald here.

The budgets for Hanford are a product of the Hanford Advisory Board. Gerry Pollet, Executive Director of Heart of America NW, is the chair for the HAB Budget committee. "Whoever wrote this failed to read our advice and missed key parts of the presentation: the Board advice says that we believe the claim that all TPA and regualtory requirements will be met is based on USDOE hoping schedules will be relaxed, e.g., for retrieval of TRU and mixed waste treatment," says Gerry.

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