10 September 2009

Hanford workers 3x higher risk of certain cancers

A recently published study found that Hanford workers are at a 3 times higher risk for multiple myelomas than the general public. In addition, Hanford workers had an 11 times higher risk for mesothelioma than the general public (probably due to asbestos exposure).

We're intrigued that the headline is in the past tense: Hanford construction workers were at risk of certain cancers. This implies that the workers are no longer at risk! This article did not run on the front page of the Tri-City Herald, despite the fact that work at Hanford dominates the Tri-City economy!

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  1. There's a short article today noting that Hanford employees are invited to speak with the top two managers (Dave Brockman & Shirley Olinger) at two town-hall type meetings next week. Presumably, they will discuss hazards in the workplace.

    We heard about these at the HAB meetings last week, and were surprised because there was no warning for public involvement groups such as HOANW to notify people to attend. Only employees are allowed to attend, though -- not even family members or previous employees.